På askonsdagen kommer den danska saxofonisten Larua Toxværd till Underground på Mejeriet.

“Laura Toxvaerd (b. 1977) is a Danish saxophonist and composer brought up in the tradition of jazz music. Her particular interests became avant-garde and free jazz, and eventually contemporary music. As a composer she often explores the realm of graphic notations. In this special working technique she brings together visual art and music. The author of The Penguin Guide to Jazz Recordings, Brian Morton, describes her scores as ”a clever combination of visual material”, the music is ”as sensuous as it is intellectually challenging” and the compositions ”are simply wonderful”. The graphic score ’Cackle Cabin’ is published in the book antology Notations21 (Ed. Theresa Sauer, Mark Batty Publisher, NYC) and is also published by Edition S. “

Larua Toxværd, altsax

Mathias Landaeus: piano

Johnny Åman: bas

Chris Montgomery: trummor